Markino Black Granite Stairs


Black Markino granite is a deep black granite that has white veins going through it. The black surface stands out against the white veins.

  • Base Colour: Black
  • Place of Origin: Kekri – Kishangarh – Rajasthan – India
  • Size: Customizable slab sizes to fit your specific project needs.
  • Slab Thickness: Available in various thicknesses to suit different design requirements.
  • Customisation Options: Edge Profile, Size Adjustment among other, on order
  • Surface Finish Options: Polished, honed, Lapotra & Leahter finishes are available to match your aesthetic preferences.
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Markino Black Granite Stairs | Steps and Risers

Upgrade your home with the classic charm of Markino Black Granite Stairs. Made from high-quality black granite with distinct white veins, these stairs offer enduring elegance. Each step is carefully cut and polished for a smooth finish, ensuring a sleek look indoors or outdoors. With their durability and timeless design, Markino Black Granite Stairs not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of sophistication to your space. Experience the natural beauty of stone with Markino Black Granite Stairs.

At Stone Galleria, we’re your go-to source for premium Markino Black Granite Stairs. As a leading manufacturer, we offer bulk orders for custom-cut or prefabricated steps and risers. Our streamlined process saves you time and money on-site by removing on site fabrication, ensuring hassle-free installation without compromising on quality. Experience the convenience and excellence of Stone Galleria for your project needs.

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