Granite Packaging

Granite Packaging

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We strongly emphasize the significance of packing quality, considering it as crucial as the product itself. At our place, there’s a firm commitment to never compromise on packing costs. Whether using wood or other materials, we spare no effort to ensure that your stone products, including polished granite slabs and marble slabs, are delivered to your destination without any issues, breakage, or scratches. The core principle is to take enough measures to ensure a secure and intact arrival of your ordered items.

Pallet Packing of Standard Granite Tiles or Custom-Cut Granite Tiles 

Complying with industry standards, our packing process includes positioning tiles on wooden pallets, arranging polished sides together and using soft paper strips or polythene sheets to mitigate friction during transit. Thick coagulated box material safeguards tile edges from chipping. Each wooden crate or pallet receives a polythene sheet cover, tightly secured with iron or plastic strips. Additionally, within the container, wooden crates are securely fastened to prevent any movement, ensuring stability during transportation.

Box Packing for Delicate Granite Tiles or Custom-Cut Granite Tiles

Delicate tiles, with a thickness of 10 mm or less, are initially encased in either styrofoam or paper corrugate boxes, adhering to client preferences. Subsequently, they are carefully placed into fumigated wooden crates, securely fastened and tightened using iron or plastic strips for added protection during transit.

The wooden crate packing offers additional protection to prevent breakage, scratches, or damage during transportation. It is particularly suitable for high-quality granite tiles where maintaining the pristine condition of the polished surface is crucial.

Wooden Box Granite packaging
Granite Tile Box

Granite Slab Packing

Cutter-size slabs are strategically positioned in the container to optimize space utilization. To mitigate friction and potential damage during transit, the finished side of each slab is oriented to face each other. Additionally, extra attention is given to ensure that there are no air gaps between two slabs. This meticulous packing detail minimizes any movement within the container, further enhancing the safety and stability of the slabs during transportation.

Following the precise arrangement of slabs, the bundle is covered with polythene sheets. This additional layer of protection serves to safeguard the slabs from external elements and provides an extra barrier against potential environmental factors during transportation.

After covering the slab bundle with polythene sheets, a wooden frame is expertly crafted to secure the slabs firmly. This frame is strategically designed to utilize gravity and force, ensuring that the slabs are effectively locked in place, further enhancing stability and minimizing any potential movement within the container.


Marking on Packing Material

Every wooden crate bears distinctive markings, denoting the Material Name, Dimensions, Quantity of Slabs/Tiles, Block number of origin, and the “Made in India” label.

  • Container Specifications: Generally natural stone products are shipped in 20 ft containers. Estimated granite weight for calculations: Thickness 10 mm – 27 kg/m2, thickness 20 mm – 58 kg/m2, thickness 30 mm – 85 kg/m2.
  • Permissible Load Capacities for Natural Stone in Containers
    A standard load of 27.50 metric tons is consistently utilised.
  • Container Capacities: While adhering to client instructions on weight and quantity, our standard container loading typically involves:
    – 10 mm thick tiles: 800 sq. meters in the container
    – 20 mm thick tiles/slabs: 410 sq. meters in the container
    – 30 mm thick tiles/slabs: 285 to 310 sq. meters in the container

We meticulously oversee each container loading process, capturing digital images after securely fastening and locking the wooden crates within the containers. These images are then promptly shared with our clients to ensure their satisfaction with the handling and secure placement of their orders.

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