Lapotra Granite Colors: Explore Our Range of Lapato Granite Finish Slabs and Tiles

Lapotra granite, sometimes spelt as lapatra granite or lapatro granite, is commonly known as lappato granite in the industry. – where sophistication meets durability! Explore a stunning array of Lapato granite slabs and tiles. Our collection features a variety of shades, from classic neutrals to bold statements.

What is Lapato Granite / Lapotra Granite?

The Lapato granite finish is a leathered finish that has a subtle shine to it. Typically, a leathered finish has a textured, matte appearance. However, when a shine is added to it, achieves a unique look that combines the qualities of both leathered and polished finishes. It feels like a two-level finish with a polished upper level and a leather-like matte lower level. It is a combination of finishes where a certain level of the stone is polished, and others have a leathered finish.

Lapotra granite, alternatively spelt as lapatra granite or lapatro granite, is commonly referred to as lappato granite.

The Lapato finish offers a distinctive surface that is less reflective compared to a high-gloss finish. It combines both matte and gloss characteristics, resulting in a unique appearance. The finish maintains a certain level of lustre or shine, although it is not as glossy as a typical polished surface. The outcome showcases a fine-grained or subtly textured appearance, offering a more understated and modern aesthetic. Lapato finish is a popular choice for those who want a balance between the sophistication of a polished surface and the subtleness of a matte finish.

Application of Lapotra Finish Granite Slabs & Tiles

  • Lapotra Granite Steps and Stairs

The slip-resistant nature of the Lapato finish makes Lapotra granite an ideal choice for stairs and steps, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re designing a staircase for a residential or commercial space, Lapotra granite offers durability and traction, ensuring safety with its slip-resistant surface.

  • Commercial Spaces:

Lapato finish granite is used in various commercial settings, such as hotels, restaurants, and office spaces, where a balance between aesthetics and functionality is desired.

  • Outdoor Paving:

Lapato finish granite suits outdoor applications like patios and walkways. Its slip-resistant quality makes it a safe and stylish choice for exterior surfaces.

  • Custom Designs:

Lapato finish can be applied in a customised manner to create unique patterns or designs, allowing for a personalised touch in both residential and commercial projects.

Explore Black and White Colors in Lapotra Granite Finish

Dive into the world of Lapotra Granite Finish with our exquisite black and white selections. Discover the allure of deep, lustrous black, and the purity of radiant white, both enhanced by the Lapotra finish. These timeless colors add sophistication to any space, whether for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, or flooring. Elevate your design with the enduring elegance of black and white Lapotra Granite Finish. Explore now!