Return and Exchange Policy

Return and Exchange Policy

March 29, 20242024-03-29 6:01

At Stone Galleria, we are dedicated to delivering premium-quality granite products tailored to meet your business requirements. While we strive for excellence in every shipment, we understand that situations may arise where returns or exchanges are necessary. To ensure a smooth process for our valued B2B customers, we’ve outlined the following return policy.

  1. Quality Assurance Measures: Our team conducts comprehensive quality checks before shipment to minimize the likelihood of defects or discrepancies. However, as natural stone products may exhibit variations, we provide images and videos for pre-shipment verification.

  2. Pre-Shipment Verification: To ensure alignment with your specifications, we offer the option to view images and videos of loaded materials before shipment. This allows you to verify the products and address any concerns before shipment.

  3. Natural Variations: Please note that minor variations in colour, texture, and veining are inherent to natural stone products. While we strive for accuracy in representation, we encourage open communication to address any discrepancies.

  4. Goods Once Shipped: Once the goods are shipped, they become the responsibility of the buyer. Any loss or damage incurred during transit will be the responsibility of the buyer, as shipment costs have been included in the transaction at actual. 

  5. Custom Orders: Custom orders cannot be accepted for returns as they are specifically tailored to meet the client’s unique requirements.
  6. Effective Communication: Maintaining open lines of communication with customers and being responsive to their needs can help mitigate risks and foster positive long-term relationships. We value transparent communication and encourage dialogue to resolve any disputes or concerns. Our team is readily available to address your inquiries and facilitate a mutually satisfactory resolution.

  7. Costs incurred by the client to facilitate returns or exchanges, including but not limited to loading, unloading, packing, and logistics, are the responsibility of the buyer. Stone Galleria will not be liable for covering these expenses under most circumstances.
  8. Return Authorization: If you receive goods that do not meet your expectations, please contact us within 5 days of delivery to discuss your concerns. We encourage dialogue to explore potential solutions and address any discrepancies.

  9. Return Window: While we do not handle reverse logistics, we offer a reasonable return window of 15 days from the date of delivery for eligible items. This timeframe allows for a thorough assessment and discussion of the issue. Stone Galleria retains the prerogative to evaluate the product upon its arrival and modify the account credit accordingly.

  10. Restocking Fees: Regardless of circumstances, a restocking fee of 25% is applied to cover handling, inspection, and restocking costs. We aim to provide fair and transparent solutions tailored to each situation.

  11. Refund or Replacement: Upon agreement between both parties, we will facilitate the resolution process, which may include a refund, replacement, or alternative solution. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and maintain a positive business relationship.

  12. Client-Borne Inspection Costs: If an inspection is required and necessitates our presence or clients, the cost of travel and related expenses will be borne by the client. However, reasonable expenses incurred by us will be covered by our company which shall be informed and discussed prior to travel. 

  13. After the initial 15-day period, Stone Galleria reserves the right to exercise discretion regarding returns or exchanges. We may extend the return or exchange timeline to 30 days upon request. However, any return requests made after the 30 days may be denied, or a significant restocking fee may be applied.

Contact Us:

For inquiries regarding returns, product quality, or any other concerns, please reach out to our customer service team at +91 9145850909 or email us at [email protected] We value your partnership and are dedicated to providing exceptional service at every step.

Due to the high costs associated with shipping and logistical challenges, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer free shipping on exchanges or returns. Additionally, please note that for an item to be eligible for return, it must be received in new, resalable condition.

Stone Galleria does not typically offer returns on used products. This policy is in place due to liability and resale concerns. Returns on used products are only considered under very special and exceptional circumstances.

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