Explore the Range of Different Granite Finishes

Discover our wide range of beautiful granite finishes! Whether you’re sprucing up your kitchen, adding elegance to your bathroom, or creating a stunning outdoor space, we have the perfect granite finish for you. Browse through our granite finish categories to find the ideal granite for your project.

Brushed Granite

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  • Description: Brushed granite has a soft texture and a matte finish, giving it a unique, rustic look. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Shop our range of brushed finish granite.
  • Benefits: Tough and slip-resistant, easy to care for, unique matte appearance.
  • Uses: Best for countertops, floors, patios.

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Flamed Granite

Purchase Flamed Granite:

  • Description: Flamed granite is made by heating the stone until it becomes rough and slip-resistant. It’s great for outdoor areas. Explore our flamed finish granite.
  • Benefits: Slip-resistant, durable, weatherproof, natural rugged look.
  • Uses: Ideal for walkways, pool areas, exterior walls.

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Honed Granite

Order Honed Granite:

  • Description: Honed granite has a smooth, matte finish, giving it a soft, elegant look. Perfect for areas where you don’t want a shiny surface. Compare our range of honed granite.
  • Benefits: Smooth matte surface, hides scratches, less reflective.
  • Uses: Ideal for floors, bathroom vanities, fireplaces.

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Lapotra Granite

Buy Lapotra Granite:

  • Description: Lapotra granite has a finely textured surface that adds depth and dimension with both leather and polished finishes. Explore our Lapotra finished granites.
  • Benefits: Unique texture, visually appealing, highly durable.
  • Uses: Best for stairs, outdoor flooring.

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Leathered Granite

Purchase Leathered Granite:

  • Description: Leathered granite has a textured, matte finish that looks natural and sophisticated. It’s durable and resistant to fingerprints and water spots. Browse our leathered finish granite.
  • Benefits: Textured natural look, easy to maintain, hides fingerprints and water spots.
  • Uses: Ideal for countertops, backsplashes, bathroom surfaces.

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Polished Granite

Buy Polished Granite:

  • Description: Polished granite has a shiny, reflective finish highlighting the stone’s natural colors and patterns. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance. Explore our polished granite slabs and tiles.
  • Benefits: Shiny and reflective, easy to clean, enhances natural beauty.
  • Uses: Best for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, feature walls, indoor flooring.

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Sandblasted Granite

Buy Sandblasted Granite:

  • Description: Sandblasted granite has a rough, textured surface created by blasting the stone with sand. Great for slip-resistant outdoor applications. Explore our sandblasted granite.
  • Benefits: Slip-resistant, durable, weatherproof, unique texture.
  • Uses: Ideal for walkways, driveways, garden paths.

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Unpolished Granite

Purchase Unpolished Granite:

  • Description: Unpolished granite keeps its natural, raw look, offering a rugged and authentic appearance. Ideal for creating a rustic aesthetic. Discover our unpolished granite.
  • Benefits: Natural and non-reflective, robust and durable, authentic raw look.
  • Uses: Best for landscaping, rustic interiors, garden features.

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Stone Galleria is a leading manufacturer of high-quality granite finishes. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect granite to enhance your space. Whether you’re looking for something polished and elegant or rustic and natural, we have the perfect solution for you.

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