Titanium Gold Granite


Titanium Gold Granite has dark black backdrop and intricate patterns of white quartz crystals, translucent quartz crystals, and little grains of silver and gold mica make this granite stunning

  • Base Colour: Black
  • Place of Origin:  Rajasthan – India
  • Cutter Size Granite Slabs: 250 x 60 cm up 
  • Gangsaw Size Granite Slabs: 250 x 160 cm up
  • Custom Size Slab and Tiles: On Order
  • Slab Thickness: 18 mm to 50 mm, Custom thickness on order
  • Customisation Options: Edge Profile, Size Adjustment among other, on order
  • Surface Finish Options:  Polished, Honed & Brushed and other finishes on request. 
  • Edge Finish: Machine Cut
  • Other Industry Names: Not Known
  • Applications: Titanium Black Granite has a wide range of uses; it can be applied to Kitchen Countertop, Backsplashes, floors, walls, stairs trees and risers, Bathroom vanities, wall cladding,Tabletops and desktops, Bar tops, reception counters and many more. 
  • Suitable: Titanium Black Granite is suitable for indoor and external usage as well as commercial and residential use.
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Titanium Gold Granite – Bold Sphostication 

Titanium Gold Granite is a stunning natural stone that make any room gorgeous. Its dark backdrop and intricate patterns of white quartz crystals, translucent quartz crystals, and little grains of silver and gold mica make this granite stunning. This granite is Titanium Giallo. People appreciate it because it’s durable, sturdy, and low-maintenance. It can withstand high temperatures and is hard to scratch, making it versatile.

Titanium Gold Granite develops as lava cools slowly underneath. Grey, white, and ivory streaks on a dark background give it a traditional aesthetic. Quartz has unusual properties due to feldspar, organic minerals, mica, and amphiboles.

Titanium Gold Granite is ideal for kitchen counters, bathroom walls and other spaces. It can be used to make lovely crafts.

Black granites are an extremely prevalent option among all other granite colours.  Because of its beauty & flexibility, it has become very popular in Granite Products for many different uses. Black granite is a beautiful choice if you want to add custom-cut granite slabs to your kitchen countertops, create a sleek and modern look with granite tiles, or add a touch of class to your outdoor steps and threads. India is known for having a lot of different types of rocks, and its granite comes in many colours, including some beautiful black kinds. Indian black granite is incredibly popular all over the world for a number of reasons, which you can learn about here.


Stone Galleria

Stone Galleria is a leading and prominent manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of  ash Black granite, which can be manufactured and processed to your specifications for dimension, thickness, and multiple finishes. 

We offer competitive pricing on Ash black granite shipments to the United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Netherlands, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

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