Many homeowners and designers confidently choose granite countertops for their kitchen or bathroom renovations due to the natural stone’s appeal, durability, and practicality. With a diverse array of color options, the pigment, pattern, and countertop edges significantly influence the interior design. The finish is equally crucial, impacting both the appearance and maintenance of the stone. When picking the appropriate texture and sheen, take the time to explore the various finishes for your granite slab, whether aiming for a subtle or dramatic effect. Utilize this guide to gain insights into the distinct finishes available.

Polished Finish Granite

The polished finish stands out as the most common and widely recognized among granite finishes. Achieved through the use of fine polishing pads, this glossy and reflective shine not only imparts a classy style but also results in a smooth texture that enhances the original colors, rendering them richer and darker. The mirror-like surface of the polished finish is particularly advantageous in smaller spaces as it beautifully reflects natural light.

This process effectively seals more pores in the granite, enhancing its resistance to water and moisture, and making the surface more stain-resistant. However, it’s important to note that polished granite may show etching from acidic substances. Despite this, the lower porosity of polished granite compared to other finishes contributes to enhanced sanitation, easier cleaning, and reduced frequency of resealing for premium surfaces.

Polished Finish

Honed Finish Granite

Following polished granite, the honed finish emerges as a popular choice. This matte or flat finish, characterized by a smooth surface with minimal to no sheen, is achieved by halting the finishing process before buffing. Its velvety texture and subdued appearance evoke a casual and cozy ambiance. The color, less vibrant than a polished finish, is better suited for lighter shades, where it stands out more prominently than on darker granite. Additionally, the honed finish offers versatility with various subtypes such as diamond smooth, machine smooth, satin, and velvet finishes, each providing distinct degrees of honing.

The understated aesthetic of honed granite makes it an excellent choice for contemporary designs and versatile enough to complement various design aesthetics. However, exercising extra caution with honed granite is crucial due to its higher maintenance requirements. Intense-colored foods or beverages have the potential to discolor or stain the surface, and acidic substances are more likely to cause etching. Despite its matte finish making scratches less conspicuous, dust and handprints become more noticeable and challenging to remove. Regular resealing, ideally every few months, becomes essential to prevent water absorption and minimize the risk of staining.


Flamed Finish Granite

Arguably the most distinctive among granite finishes is the flamed finish, an exclusive technique applicable only to this particular natural stone. This unique texture and weathered appearance are achieved by subjecting the granite slab to intense yet controlled heat from a flame. The process causes the granite grains to burst, resulting in a rough texture, and alters the original colors to a more subdued appearance. Although feasible for interior applications, it finds greater popularity for outdoor kitchen counters due to its resilience in areas prone to moisture.


Leathered Finish Granite

A rising trend in granite finishes is the leathered finish, a modern technique gaining popularity. It involves first creating a honed finish, followed by texturing the slab using diamond-tipped brushes, resulting in small dimples in the stone. This innovative finishing style imparts a sophisticated appearance and is particularly well-suited for darker colors, preserving the natural granite color without fading. Additionally, it excels in resisting stains and concealing water spots and smudges.

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Leather Finish Granite

Brushed Finish Granite

The brushed finish in granite is achieved by using coarse rotary brushes on the stone’s surface. This process creates a textured and matte appearance, offering a modern and sophisticated look. The brushing action removes the softer particles from the stone, resulting in a slightly rough texture that enhances the stone’s natural characteristics. Brushed finish granite is a popular choice for various applications, including kitchen countertops, accent walls, and fireplace surrounds, adding a touch of contemporary style to the space.

Brushed Finish Granite

Sandblasted Finish Granite

The sandblasted finish in granite involves a process where fine particles are propelled at high speed onto the stone surface. This technique creates a textured appearance, enhancing slip resistance and offering a distinct tactile quality. Ideal for diverse applications, sandblasted finish granite introduces a subtle ruggedness while preserving a natural aesthetic.

Shotblased Granite Finish

Shotblasted Finish Granite

The shotblasted finish in granite is achieved through a method involving high-velocity shots of abrasive materials directed at the stone surface. This technique results in a textured appearance without clearly defined patterns, enhancing slip resistance and providing a unique tactile quality. Suitable for various applications, shotblasted finish granite introduces a subtle ruggedness while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

Lapatto or Lepatora Finish Granite

The Lapatto finish in granite involves a meticulous process that combines aspects of polishing and honing. This method incorporates specialized techniques, including the use of specific diamond brushes, to create a distinctive appearance that falls between polished and honed. The result is a surface that retains elements of glossiness while introducing a subtle matte effect. Ideal for countertops and flooring, this finish offers a refined yet slightly textured look, blending contemporary aesthetics with a touch of sophistication.


Bush-Hammered Finish Granite: 

The bush-hammered finish in granite is accomplished by using a specialized tool called a bush hammer, which features a grid of pyramid-shaped points. The tool is applied to the surface of the stone, creating a rough and textured appearance with small, uniform dents or pits. This finish is characterized by its natural, weathered look, making it a popular choice for outdoor applications such as walkways, patios, and pool surrounds. The bush-hammered finish enhances slip resistance, making it practical for areas where a more textured surface is desired.

Bush Hammered granite finish

What are the factors to consider before choosing granite finishes?

Several factors should be considered before choosing granite finishes to ensure the selection aligns with both aesthetic preferences and practical requirements. Here are key considerations:

Several factors should be considered before choosing granite finishes to ensure the selection aligns with both aesthetic preferences and practical requirements. Here are key considerations:

1. Intended Use

   Kitchen Countertops: Consider polished finishes for a sleek look or honed for a more casual vibe.

   Bathroom Surfaces: Opt for finishes with higher stain resistance, such as polished or leathered.

2. Aesthetic Preferences

   Color and Pattern: Different finishes can enhance or subdue the natural colors and patterns of granite.

   Style: Consider the overall design theme – polished for elegance, honed for a softer look, or textured finishes for a more rustic appeal.

3. Maintenance Requirements

   Stain Resistance: Polished granite tends to be more stain-resistant, while honed and textured finishes may require more frequent sealing.

   Ease of Cleaning: Polished surfaces are easier to clean, while textured finishes may trap more dirt and require extra care.

4. Durability and Wear Resistance

   Scratch Visibility: Polished surfaces may show scratches more, while textured finishes can hide them better.

   Resistance to Etching: Polished surfaces are susceptible to etching from acidic substances.

5. Location and Environment

   Indoor vs. Outdoor: Consider finishes that are suitable for the specific environment – polished for indoor elegance, flamed or textured for outdoor durability.

    Moisture Exposure: For areas prone to moisture, choose finishes with better water resistance.

6. Budget Constraints

Different finishes may have varying costs, and some may require more maintenance, impacting long-term expenses.

7. Personal Lifestyle

Consider how often the surface will be used and the level of wear it will endure & choose finishes that align with personal taste and lifestyle, whether it’s a preference for high gloss or a more subdued appearance.

8. Trend Considerations

If staying on-trend is a priority, consider finishes that are currently popular in interior design.

9. Consultation with Professionals

Seek advice from professionals such as designers, architects, or granite suppliers who can provide insights based on experience.

10. Testing and Samples

Request samples of different finishes from granite supplier, test and observe them in various lighting conditions to better understand how they will appear in your space.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing granite finishes, ensuring that the selected finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also meets the practical needs of the intended application.


There are many different ways to finish granite that can make your spaces look better and work better too. Each type of finish adds its own special look and feel to granite surfaces, ranging from a smooth and sophisticated appearance to a more rugged and textured one. If you learn about the different ways to finish something, think about what you need, and take care of it properly, you can pick the right finish for your style and use it without worry.

If you want to make your kitchen countertops look better or change the appearance of an outdoor pathway, you can use different types of finishes for granite. This will make your surroundings look nicer and last a long time.

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