Granite slabs enjoy widespread popularity for diverse applications in granite projects across the globe. Although granite slabs are available in a range of sizes, their precise dimensions and thickness can differ. However, two sizes that are generally accepted are granite cutter slabs and gangsaw slabs. 

These slabs comes in a range of sizes, thicknesses, finishes and shapes, catering to various applications. Granite in the form of Cutter slabs are ideal for crafting kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. Granite slab in cutter size are processed to block sizes during the manufacturing process. The pricing of slabs in different markets is influenced by their size, with larger granite slabs commanding higher prices. Conversely, smaller slabs offer a more cost-effective option for buyers. This content, accompanied by descriptive texts and images, aims to provide readers with comprehensive insights into granite cutter slabs and their diverse sizes.

Cutter Slabs: Different Sizes, Thickness and Finishes

Cutter slabs are often referred to as vertical slabs, a nomenclature derived from their distinctive shape. 

Granite block cutting machines, including single blade and multiple blade cutter machines, multi-blades gang saw machines, and wire saw machines, are used to separate thick slabs of granite from large blocks.

It’s important to note that granite blocks do not have uniform height, length, and width. Consequently, the resulting sheets of granite are referred to as random slab sheets due to their varied sizes. The dimensions of these cutter slabs are influenced by both the original block size and the specific cutting machine used in the process.

Kharda Red Granite Slab

Cutter slabs are available in various dimensions, thicknesses, and finishes, catering to diverse preferences and project requirements.

  • Granite Cutter Slab Sizes 

Granite cutter slab sizes can vary, and the dimensions often depend on the specific cutting and processing methods employed. However, some common granite cutter slab sizes include:

  1. Big Cutter Slabs:

    • Length: 250-325 cm
    • Width: 70-90+ cm
  2. Small Cutter Slabs:

    • Generally smaller dimensions compared to gangsaw and big cutter slabs.
    • Length: 60-150 cm
    • Width: 30-70 cm

It’s important to note that these are general ranges, and specific granite cutter slab sizes may vary based on factors such as the equipment used, quarrying techniques resulting in block size, and customer preferences. Additionally, custom sizes can be obtained through specific cutting requests to meet the unique requirements of different projects. Always check with suppliers or manufacturers for the available sizes and customization options.

  • Granite Cutter Slab Thickness

The thickness of cutter slabs can vary based on the intended use and structural requirements. Common thickness options include:

Standard Thickness: From 16 MM, 18 MM, & 2 CM to 4 CM,  Suitable for general applications
Custom Thickness: Tailored to specific project needs. 

  • Granite Cutter Slab Finish

The finish of cutter slabs adds to their aesthetic appeal and functionality. Various finishes are available, such as:

Polished Finish: A glossy surface that enhances the natural beauty of the granite.
Honed Finish: A smooth, matte finish that offers a more subtle and understated look.
Leathered Finish: Textured and slightly rough, providing a unique tactile experience.
Flamed Finish: Achieved through high heat, creating a textured surface ideal for outdoor use.

Understanding the size, thickness, and finish options allows for the selection of cutter slabs that best suit the specific requirements of a project, whether it be for countertops, flooring, or other applications


Purchasing cutter slabs offers the advantage of accessibility in both standard and customized dimensions. Business-to-business (B2B) buyers have the option to place bulk orders from certified Indian granite slab suppliers. Conversely, business-to-consumer (B2C) buyers can choose specific quantities of slabs for major or minor enhancements. All the previously mentioned granite slab cutter sizes and dimensions are available in a wide array of popular colors.

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