Granite, a natural stone renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal, finds applications in countertops, flooring, and walls. Granite price is an important factor to consider when making a decision. At Stone Galleria, we have a helpful guide that explains the different factors that affect the granite price. This will help you make smart decisions that fit your budget and design preferences.

If you are conducting an online search for granite prices, I can assure you that you will not discover the correct response to your inquiry. You will certainly encounter more inquiries than solutions. Prior to pursuing precise information, there are a number of factors that must be comprehended in order to determine the cost of granite.

This article explores the average price of 1 square foot of granite in India, shedding light on the determinants affecting its pricing.

What is Granite Price?

The granite price of 1 square foo in India typically falls between INR 50 and INR 150. The price of granite can vary a lot because of different factors. Let’s break down these details to understand what affects the price of granite.

  • Type of Granite

The price of a specific granite type hinges on its uniqueness, just like other natural resources. Exclusive varieties such as Black Galaxy and Blue Dunes granite command higher prices due to their rarity and distinctive appearance, making them challenging to find elsewhere.

Patagonia-Granite-Kitchen-Countertop-Granite price

  • Grade and Quality of Granite

Yes, the grade and quality of granite play a significant role in determining its price. Higher-grade granite, often associated with better appearance, fewer imperfections, and increased durability, tends to command a higher price. The specific characteristics, consistency, and finish of the granite contribute to its overall quality, influencing the cost. Consumers often choose a grade and quality level based on their project requirements and budget constraints.


  • Thickness and Size of Granite Slab

Thickness and size of a granite slab are another significant factors in determining its pricing. Thicker slabs generally cost more due to the additional material used, higher labour cost, higher transportation cost, etc. 

The larger the granite slab, the more expensive it tends to be. The cost of cutting, polishing, and handling larger slabs is higher, contributing to the overall price. Additionally, larger slabs may be preferred for certain projects to minimize seams, enhance the aesthetic appeal, and provide a more seamless look. However, it’s essential to balance size considerations with the specific requirements and budget constraints of the project.

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Granite Thickness Granite Price

  • Processing and Finishing

The way granite is processed and finished can impact its price. Additional processing steps, such as polishing, honing, or applying special coatings, can add to the cost. Different finishing techniques can enhance the appearance and durability of the granite, but they also require more labor and expertise, resulting in higher prices.

Different Granite Finishes Granite Price

Granite Price: How Origin Shapes the Cost?

The origin of granite significantly influences its price. Granite sourced from special places like Brazil, Italy, and India often carries a premium due to several factors:

1. Unique Features: These regions produce granite with distinctive colors, patterns, and mineral compositions, making them sought after for their aesthetic appeal.

2. Durability: Granite known for its durability and hardness may command a higher price, especially if it is extracted from regions with specific geological conditions.

3. Supply Chain and Transportation:  The involvement of a long supply chain, including extraction, processing, and transportation, can contribute to increased costs that may be reflected in the final price.

4. Market Demand: Popular granite varieties from renowned regions may experience higher demand, influencing prices.

When choosing granite for a project, considering its origin is essential, taking into account both the aesthetic preferences and budgetary constraints.

The Complex Relationship: Granite and Market Demand

The cost of granite can change depending on what people want to buy. Popular fashion trends, the state of the economy, and customer preferences can all have an impact on this.

  • Granite Price based Design Trends and Aesthetics

As design styles change, some granite colours and patterns may become more popular, causing their prices to go up. When granite matches popular designs, it becomes more popular and valuable.

  • Price of Granite depending on Economic Conditions

Changes in the economy can affect how much people want to spend on luxury materials like granite. When the economy is doing well, more people want to buy granite for their homes because they are remodelling or decorating their interiors.

  • How Consumers See or Understand Things about Granite Price

Granite is often linked to fancy and expensive designs. When people think of and like fancy materials, it can affect how much granite is wanted and how much it costs.

  • Logistics and Transportation Costs

To choose the right granite for your space, consider factors like how rare it is, how good the quality is, how much people want it, and where it comes from. This will help you find the perfect granite that fits your vision and budget.

  • Price of Substitute Materials

Granite is a premium countertop, flooring, and other material. However, identical materials are available on the market. Quartz, marble, laminate, and solid surface can replace granite counters. The demand for granite may fall if these replacement materials are cheaper than granite.

Translucent-Quartzite- Granite price


Understanding the factors that influence granite prices is crucial for making informed decisions during the selection process. Whether you’re working on a budget or aiming for a more luxurious finish, being aware of these factors empowers you to choose the right granite that aligns with both your financial constraints and aesthetic preferences. It’s a key step in ensuring your project meets both functional and design goals.

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