Welcome to our guide to granite staircases! We will explore designer stairs and steps, with a focus on the top finishes to enhance your interior design. Granite stairs and steps are popular choice because they are elegant and yet durable. It adds a luxurious touch to any space. In this article, we will explain different types of granite finishes, what makes them special, and how they can make your home more valuable and attractive.

Why Granite Stairs Are So Attractive?

The formation of granite can be traced back to volcanic activity that occurred millions of years ago. It is among the most resilient and long-lasting substances that are present on the planet. The granite staircase is aesthetically pleasing due to its assortment of patterns and colours. Every granite staircase has a distinct appearance. Granite complements a wide range of design aesthetics, including muted tones of blue and green and straightforward white and grey.

Outdoor Granite outdoor steps
Outdoor Granite Staircase

Best Finishes For Granite Stairs and Steps

Stairs and stairs are key components of interior design since they not only connect different parts and levels of a building but also serve as focal points. These areas can be improved to a level of style that perfectly suits the rest of your property by selecting the appropriate granite finish. Let us look at the various finishes available when incorporating granite into new construction or upgrading an old staircase. With the exquisite granite finishing touches available, one can ensure that stairs and steps leave a lasting impact.

  • Granite Stairs in Polished Finish

The shiny look is the ultimate symbol of glossy and elegance. The surface is carefully polished to make it shiny like a mirror, so you can see the stone’s colour and pattern clearly. A shiny and smooth granite staircase not only reflects light, making the area brighter, but also adds a fancy touch to your indoor space.

  • Granite Stairs in Honed Finish 

If you prefer a more subtle and refined look, the honed finish is a great option. The honed granite staircase has a smooth, matte or satin surface that looks modern and still shows off the stone’s natural beauty. This type of finish is perfect for making your home look sleek and modern.

It is less reflective than polished finishes, making it a suitable choice for those who prefer a softer aesthetic. Honed granite also tends to be less slippery, which is a practical consideration for stairs.

Different Granite Finishes
  • Granite Stairs in Leathered Finish

The leathered finish involves a process that enhances the natural texture of the granite, giving it a soft sheen and a slightly pebbled or leather-like feel and appearance. This finish retains the stone’s natural colour and characteristics while providing a more tactile and special feel.

  • Granite Stairs in Flamed Finish

The flamed finish is achieved by exposing the granite to high-intensity heat, followed by rapid cooling. This process results in a textured surface with a rough, slightly pitted appearance. Flamed granite is known for its excellent slip resistance, making it a popular choice for outdoor applications such as stairs, walkways, and pool areas.

Flamed Granite Steps
  • Granite Stairs in Flamed Leather Finish

The flamed leather finish combines the slip-resistant properties of the flamed finish with the tactile and visually appealing qualities of the leathered finish. The result is a textured surface with a softened appearance, offering a unique blend of ruggedness and refinement. This finish is particularly well-suited for stairs where slip resistance is crucial, while still maintaining an elegant and distinctive aesthetic.

  • Granite Stairs in Rough Finish / Bush Hammered Finish

The bush-hammered finish gives a rough and natural texture that people who like a natural look will like. To create this finish, a special hammering tool is used to make a rough surface with small dents. It goes well with homes that have a rustic or Mediterranean style. This surface offers exceptional slip resistance, making it appropriate for outdoor staircases. The steps also have a unique, organic aspect because to the textured surface.

Bush Hammered granite finish
  • Granite Stairs in Lappato Finish

A hybrid of matte and glossy appearances, Lappato anti-skid granite finishes are not as reflective as polished surfaces but are neither overly granular nor rough. Lappato granite, a semi-polished finish, provides an anti-slip surface that is simple to maintain, making it an ideal material for stairways in homes, offices, and other locations. Regarding Lappatro granite surfaces, no sealing is necessary. This sophisticated and understated surface finish imparts depth and personality to any area.

 Lappato Finish

Add Anti-Slip Properties to Granite Steps

Adding anti-slip properties to granite steps without altering their polished appearance can be achieved through various methods. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Anti-Slip Coating

  2. Adhesive Treads or Strips: These are often made of rubber, vinyl, or other materials designed for slip resistance. They can be affixed strategically to provide traction without covering the entire step.

  3. Diamond Etching: This method requires specialized equipment and should be performed by professionals to avoid damaging the stone. In this method micro-grooves are created for adding anti slip property to slippery surface. 

  4. Inlaying Metal on Edges: In this technique, edge of natural granite tiles are formed with gemstones as well as precious metals like, copper, and brass. In order to place metal strips on the edges, metal inlay requires sophisticated cutting, designing, and styling.

Maintenance and Care of Granite Steps

Granite staircases are easy to take care of, but it’s important to clean and maintain them regularly to keep them looking beautiful and lasting a long time. To clean the surface, use a gentle soap and shampoo and warm water. Avoid using strong chemicals that could harm the finish. Also, remember to regularly seal your granite staircase to maintain its flawless appearance for many years and seek professional advice for specific maintenance concerns or issues.


To sum up, granite staircases are a great option for people who want to enhance their interior design with a classic and elegant touch. There are many different finishes to choose from, so you can find one that matches your style and what you like. Granite staircases come in two different finishes: polished and leathered. Polish gives a shiny, mirror-like look, while leather has a textured, beautiful appearance. Either way, granite staircases are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

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