Granite is a popular option among homeowners, architectures, and interior designers. Granite is often used for Kitchen countertops, flooring, staircases and fireplace, granite wall is an excellent option to any residence, commercial space, educational institute, or even industrial use for a variety of reasons. Natural stone walls have a commanding appearance. Granite is one of the often used natural stone for the purpose of wall cladding, though other types of natural stones and some engineered stones are also employed although  sparingly.

Why Granite Wall?

Everywhere you locate a wall with covered elements, you will notice that the space has a decorative appeal. In addition, wall cladding is attractive, regardless of the material used. Wall cladding allows you to realise your vision for aesthetic pleasing wall with minimal approach.

Granite, a visually appealing and durable natural stone, offers versatility in design with its range of colors and patterns. Regular maintenance ensures granite’s resistance to moisture, stains, and scratches, making it an ideal choice for walls in shower rooms and various interior and exterior wall surfaces. Granite walls stand out due to their high-quality aesthetics, durability, and low maintenance requirements, making them an excellent option for those seeking enduring and visually pleasing surfaces.

Grantie wall

Besides Aesthetics, What are the Benefits of Granite Wall?

In addition to its attractive appearance, granite wall cladding provides a number of practical advantages that make it an excellent material for a variety of architectural and construction applications. These advantages include:

  • Durability of the Wall
  • Resistance to Heat and Moisture
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Weather Resistance
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Design Flexibility 
  • Hygienic and Easy to Clean
  • Resistance to stains
  • Sustainable Choice
  • Sound Insulation

Granite Wall Cladding is Applicable in Which Locations?

  • Shower Walls 

Granite shower walls are an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to any bathroom. They are exceptionally resilient, moisture-resistant, and easy to maintain, ensuring that they endure well over time. In addition, granite’s natural elegance and customization options enable you to design a visually stunning shower area. Its hygienic and heat-resistant properties ensure a clean and comfortable shower experience while also providing some sound insulation for added tranquilly.

Grnaite Wall Shower
  • Exterior wall

By incorporating granite into your exterior walls, you can make them stand out. Granite’s resistance to moisture makes it an excellent material for exterior walls. The balcony, patio, driveway, and swimming pool are examples of exterior areas that could benefit from granite wall cladding.

Granite Wall Exterior
  • Kitchen Wall

Granite is used for kitchen wall cladding because it is simple to clean and maintain. Its smooth, non-porous property resists stains and is easy to clean after cooking, making it a practical option for kitchen walls. It can also withstand the heat generated by stovetops, ovens, and other cooking appliances, protecting the walls from high temperatures. Granite is naturally resistant to bacterial and mould growth, which contributes to a cleaner and more hygienic kitchen.

Granite Wall Kitchen
  • Living Room

The granite wall in the living room can create a visually arresting focal point and complement a variety of interior design styles, from traditional to modern. Additionally, granite provides some sound insulation, which can reduce noise transmission from adjacent rooms or from outside sources. You can choose the finish (polished, honed, etc.) and a specific colour or pattern that suits your living room’s design.

Granite Wall Living room
  • Bedroom

Bedroom walls made of granite can contribute to a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Its timeless elegance complements both traditional and contemporary interior design styles. You can use granite wall cladding on your bed’s head as a focal point to transform its appearance and make you feel wonderful every time you enter your bedroom for a good night’s rest.

Granite Wall Bedroom
  • Commercial Interiors

    • Hotel Lobbies: Granite walls can make a striking first impression in hotel lobbies.
    • Restaurants: Granite can be used to create an upscale ambiance in restaurant interiors.
    • Office Reception Areas: Granite cladding can convey professionalism and sophistication in office reception areas.
    • Retail Stores: High-end retail stores often use granite to enhance their interiors.
  • Educational Institutions

    • Granite cladding can be used in the design of educational institutions, particularly in areas like entrances and atriums.

Granite Slab Wall or Granite Tile Wall?

Whether you choose granite slabs or tiles for walls, both will have a positive visual impact on the space. If you want to achieve a distinctive appearance, minimal seem, consider installing granite slabs on the walls. In addition to being one of the most durable building materials, granite is also one of the most appealing. Granite is resistant to the moisture and water generated by the shower and the bathroom as a whole. While other natural stones may have attractive appearances, only granite can withstand the different natural elements. Your personal preference will ultimately determine whether a granite slab or granite tiles are the superior option.

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Granite wall tile


There are numerous advantages to using granite as a wall material; the natural stone will enhance the aesthetics and functionality. When searching for granite walls, you will also have hundreds of design options from which to choose, allowing you to let your imagination run wild. This guide will help you learn more about granite walls and select the best options for granite walls.

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