In the fields of interior design and architecture, the colour is an adaptable tool that signifies passion, energy, and cosiness. It draws in attention, adds drama to spaces, and inspires creativity. Red, whether used minimally as a secondary colour or boldly as the dominant hue, may invoke a variety of emotions and atmospheres, making it an important component for creating unforgettable and impactful designs. In this article, we will discuss Lakha Red Granite, which is one of more popular type among red granites.

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Keep reading to learn more about the Lakha Red Granite. 

Introduction to Lakha Red Granite

Lakha granite is famous for its special red hue. This granite has a textured surface and a deep red colour that stands out. The small black and grey mineral speckles make it even more vivid, giving it a special and attractive look. This colour is widely used in South East Asia, especially in India.

Lakha Red Granite | Lakshmi Red Granite
Lakha Red Granite | Lakshmi Red Granite

Why is it named Lakha Red Granite?

Lakha Red Granite earns its name from the proximity to Lakha Village in Rajasthan, making it a well-known red stone. Lakha village is located in Fatehgarh tehsil of Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan. 

It goes by various names, including Lakha red, Lakha granite, Jaisalmer red granite, Lakshmi red granite, Laxmi red granite, and Imperial red granite.

Where are the Lakha Red Granite Mines?

This red granite is mainly extracted from the Lakha region in Rajasthan, India. This region is well-known for its high-quality deposits of red granite, making it an ideal location for quarrying this stone. There are several stone quarries of Lakha Red Granite in this region.

Processing of Lakha Red Granite

Processing Lakha Red Granite follows the same procedures as standard granite. Nevertheless, due to the unpredictability of granite blocks, especially in this Granite, the recovery of premium-quality granite is exceptionally low.

Due to their proximity to the Lakha region, Jalore, Pali, and Kishangarh are the primary processing centres for this type of red granite.

What Is Lakha Red Granite Price?

The price range of Lakha Granite can vary widely depending on several factors, including quality, thickness, finish, and market fluctuations.

  • Entry Level Red Granite: More of commercial grade. This category includes granite with more imperfections, colour variations in lighter hue, a shorter size, and of lower quality. Prices can start at around INR 120 per square foot (or even lower) for slabs.
  • Medium-Grade Lakha Granite: These are of better quality, with fewer imperfections and a more consistent dark color. Prices typically range from INR 150 to INR 200 per square foot.
  • Premium Lakha Granite: The highest quality, with minimal flaws, consistent deed red colour, and an excellent finish, can cost upwards of INR 200 per square foot or more.

Please note that these are approximate price ranges; actual prices may vary depending on location, supplier, slab size, finish, and any required customization.

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Why Is Lakha Red Granite Expensive?

Limited to specific quarries in the Lakha region, the availability of high-quality Lakha red stone blocks poses a challenge due to the prevalence of cracks. Despite efforts to select flawless blocks, manufacturers often encounter large wastage or lower recovery due to flaws not visible from the block’s exterior.

Premium quality Lakha granite is in high demand due to its aesthetic appeal and durability. This has led to higher prices for the aforementioned reasons.

What Are The Most Popular Finishes For Lakha Red Granite?

Like many other natural stones, Lakha Red Granite offers distinct textures and visual effects through various finishes. The typical finishes for Lakha Granite include:

  • Polished Finish

This is a glossy and reflective finish that accentuates the granite’s inherent colours and patterns. Its smooth and streamlined surface makes it a popular option for residential and commercial countertops, flooring, and wall cladding.

  • Honed Finish

The honed finish provides a matte or satin-like surface with a uniform texture, offering a subdued appearance compared to a polished finish. It is often chosen for areas where a less shiny and more understated look is desired.

  • Flamed Finish 

The flamed finish involves subjecting the granite surface to intense heat, causing the crystals to explode and creating a textured, rough surface. This finish is suitable for outdoor applications, providing slip resistance, especially for pavers.

  • Brushed Finish

The brushed finish is achieved by brushing the surface with abrasive brushes, creating a textured, slightly antiqued appearance. This finish is often applied to flooring, stairways, and wall cladding to add character.

  • Leathered Finish 

A leathered finish combines a honed appearance with a slightly textured surface, mimicking the feel of leather. It provides a unique tactile experience and is often chosen for various surfaces.

  • Bush-Hammered Finish

To create this finish, repeatedly hammering the granite with a bush hammer results in a rough, textured surface. It can be used to create nonslip surfaces on outdoor stairways and walkways.

  • Antique Finish

An antique finish imparts a weathered or aged appearance to the granite. It involves processes that produce small dents and surface irregularities, contributing to a rustic appearance.

  • Tumbled Finish

Granite achieves a weathered and worn appearance through tumbling with abrasive substances in a tumbled finish. This finish is often utilized for decorative applications like mosaics and borders.

The choice of treatment for Lakha red depends on the specific design objectives, the stone’s intended use, and individual preferences. Each finish has a unique appearance and texture, allowing for creative customization in architectural and interior design projects.

Application of Lakha Red Granite

Lakha granite, celebrated for its visual  and durability, serves as a versatile natural stone applied in various architectural and interior design projects. Here are some common applications

  • Lakshmi Red Granite for the Pooja Room

Lakshmi Red Granite, also known as Lakha Granite, stands out as a favored choice for pooja rooms in Indian homes. Its vibrant red hue symbolizes prosperity and positive energy, making it an ideal selection for sacred spaces. This durable and visually captivating granite introduces elegance to the pooja room, demanding minimal maintenance. It creates a serene and auspicious atmosphere that complements both traditional and modern design styles.

  • Kitchen Countertop

Lakha Red kitchen countertops lend a touch of elegance and luxury to kitchens and bathrooms. They are exceedingly scratch-, stain-, and heat-resistant, making them suitable for high-traffic areas.

  • Flooring

This resilient granite is an excellent choice for flooring in residences, hotels, offices, and other commercial settings. It can endure heavy foot traffic and retain its aesthetic allure over time.

  • Wall Cladding

Red Granite iused for both exterior and interior wall cladding. It improves the appearance of buildings and leaves a lasting impression.

  • Stairs and steps

Lakha Granite proves advantageous for granite stairs and steps, especially in high-traffic zones like entrances and outdoor spaces. Its durability and slip-resistant properties make it a reliable choice.

  • Facades and exterior cladding

Utilized for the exterior cladding of buildings, Lakha Granite not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also ensures protection against the elements, contributing to the structure’s durability.

  • Monuments and memorials

Lakha Granite is used in the construction of a large number of renowned memorials and monuments throughout the globe. Its timeless elegance and resilience make it an ideal material for such endeavours.

  • Exteriors 

Driveways, walkways, and patios are common applications for Lakha Granite paving stones. They are resilient and resistant to a variety of weather conditions, making them a practical option for outdoor spaces.

  • Sculptors 

Artists and sculptors frequently select Lakha Red Granite for their creations due to its startling aesthetic. It permits intricate designs and durable artwork.

  • Landscaping

Lakha Red Granite can be incorporated into landscaping projects such as garden borders, retaining walls, and decorative elements. Its natural splendour enhances outdoor settings.

  • Commercial Spaces

Lakha Red Granite stands out as a preferred choice for commercial spaces, including hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments, contributing to an enhanced ambiance and overall aesthetic appeal.

Lakha red granite is extensively used in the Central Vista project in India

Lakha Red Granite

Image Source: The Federation of Indian Granite & Stone Industry (FIGSI)


In summary, Lakha Red Granite’s versatility, durability, and aesthetic charm position it as a preferred material for various applications, spanning residential and commercial construction to artistic and landscaping projects. Its enduring popularity in the realms of design and architecture is a testament to its timeless elegance and performance.

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