Lakha Red Granite


The scarlet hue of Lakha red granite is renowned. This granite is distinguished by its dark red colour and texture surface. Its small black and grey mineral flecks enhance its aesthetic appeal.

  • Base Colour: Red Colour
  • Place of Origin:  Jaisalmer – Rajasthan – India
  • Cutter Size Granite Slabs: 250 x 60 cm up
  • Custom Size Slab and Tiles: On Order
  • Slab Thickness: 16 Mm – 18 MM, 2 CM to 5 CM, Custom thickness on order
  • Customisation Options: Edge Profile, Size Adjustment among other, on order
  • Surface Finish Options:  Polished, Flamed, Leather, Honed, Brushed, and as required
  • Edge Finish: Machine Cut
  • Other Industry Name: Lakha Red, Lakha Granite, Jaisalmer Red granite, Lakshmi Red Granite, Laxmi Red Granite
  • Applications: Lakha Red Granite has a wide range of uses; it can be applied to Kitchen Countertop, Backsplashes, flooring, walls, stairs and risers, Bathroom vanities, wall cladding, Tabletops and desktops and many more.
  • Suitable: Lakha red granite is appropriate for mainly for indoor use, as well as commercial and residential applications.
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Lakha Red Granite – Colour Red is Auspicious

Lakha Red Granite is a well-known red stone that gets its name from a village in Rajasthan called Lakha village. This red granite is found on the border of Jaisalmer and Barmer.

Lakshmi Red Granite is famous for its special red hue. This beautiful granite has a textured surface and a deep red colour that stands out. The small black and grey mineral speckles make it even more beautiful, giving it a special and attractive look. This colour is widely used in South East Asia, especially in India.


Lakha Red Granite is popular because it can be used in many different ways. People really want it for kitchen countertops because it’s durable and can handle regular use without getting damaged. That’s why it’s a great choice. This granite is very strong and can handle a busy kitchen. It’s capable of handle cutting, chopping, and cooking without losing its charm.

Additionally, this granite is very strong and can be used for outdoor landscaping. It won’t get damaged by different weather conditions and will still look nice.

In the category of natural stone, red granites are an equally attractive option. Its rich, vibrant colour and adaptability have made it a popular option in the world of Granite Products. Similar to how black granite offers timeless beauty and adaptability, red granite brings its own distinctive charm to a variety of applications. 

Whether you envision custom-cut granite slabs adorning your kitchen countertops, want to add a touch of warmth and sophistication with red granite tiles, or want to create scintillating  indoor stairs or outdoor steps and threads, red granite is an exquisite option. 

India, renowned for its geological diversity, possesses a wide range of granite colours, including awe-inspiring red varieties. Read our piece on red granite by click here.

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