Fantasy Brown is a beautiful natural stone that is sometimes referred to as marble, sometimes as quartzite, and sometimes as granite. The ongoing debate surrounding Fantasy Brown revolves around its ambiguous classification within the realm of natural stone. While it’s common to encounter confusion between certain strains of marble and quartzite due to shared colors and patterns, distinguishing between marble and granite is typically more straightforward. So, why does the debate persist? What prompts some to label this brown natural stone as marble while others argue for its classification as granite or quartzite? The ambiguity stems from the stone’s unique characteristics, leading to differing interpretations within the industry and among experts.

Origin of Fantasy Brown Granite

Fantasy Brown is a unique natural stone known for its rich blend of colors and intriguing patterns. This natural stone is quarried in Paloda in banswara district of Rajasthan – India, exhibits a spectrum of earthy tones including brown, gray, white, and occasionally green. Its distinct veining and marbling create a mesmerizing appearance, making it a popular choice for countertops, flooring, and other interior applications.

Why is Fantasy Brown Confused for Marble, Granite or Quartzite?

Marble, granite, and quartzite are typically distinguishable due to their unique colors, patterns, and distinct attributes such as hardness. Nonetheless, there are instances where certain characteristics may overlap. For instance, specific types of marble and quartzite might share similar color schemes and patterns.

While granite and quartzite typically exhibit distinct appearances, they share remarkable strength. According to the Moh’s scale of hardness, granite ranks around 6-6.5, whereas quartzite boasts a level of about 7. In contrast, marble falls within a hardness range of 3 to 5, rendering it lighter and more susceptible to scratches, etching, and other forms of damage.

Fantasy Brown, on the other hand, is tougher than most marbles. It is stronger and less likely to get scratched. Because it looks like some of the quartzite slabs, it is sometime mistaken for other types of stone.

Why Fantasy Brown is regarded as Marble?

It is often regarded as marble, primarily due to its shared geological origin. Like traditional marble, Fantasy Brown undergoes a geological process of recrystallization, resulting in a metamorphic rock. This common origin contributes to the stone’s marble-like characteristics. Notably, It showcases intricate veining and marbling, resembling the visual patterns found in many of marbles.

The earthy colour hues, featuring browns, grays, and occasional greens, further aligns with the aesthetics of certain marble types. When polished, it acquires a smooth and glossy finish, akin to classic marble surfaces.

Is Fantasy Brown Quartzite? 

Fantasy Brown occasionally finds itself in the category of quartzite, reflecting certain geological and visual resemblances. The metamorphic transformation it undergoes, akin to quartzite, draws attention, as does the presence of quartz in its mineral composition. While not as hard as classic quartzite, it’s durability and heat resistance contribute to the association.


Why Fantasy Brown is Sometime Considered as Granite? 

In the field of natural stones, Fantasy Brown sometimes garners comparisons to granite due to its enduring composition and versatile applications. With a durability similar to granite, Fantasy Brown’s resistance to wear and scratches aligns with the robust nature commonly associated with traditional granite surfaces. Its mineral composition, including quartz and feldspar, adds to the confusion, contributing to the perception of this brown stone as a granite-like stone.

How to Pick the Right Fantasy Brown Granite for Your Project

Choosing the right Fantasy Brown for your project depends on your needs and personal tastes. If the classic beauty of marble is important to you, Fantasy Brown Marble might be your top choice. Fantasy Brown Quartzite is the way to go if you want something as strong and durable as granite. Fantasy Brown Granite may be the best choice for you if you want a good mix of style and function.

Application of Fantasy Brown Granite

Fantasy Brown, with its durability and distinctive aesthetics, is suitable for various applications in both residential and commercial settings. Some common applications include:

  • Kitchen Countertops

It is often used as a stylish and durable material for kitchen countertops, providing a unique and elegant appearance.

  • Bathroom Vanity Tops

Its resistance to moisture and versatile design make this wonderful natural stone from india an excellent choice for bathroom vanity tops, adding sophistication to the space.

  • Flooring

The stone can be utilised for flooring applications, creating a seamless and visually appealing surface in different areas of a home or commercial space.

  • Wall Cladding

Its unique veining and colour variations make it a captivating choice for wall cladding, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of interior walls.

  • Fireplace Surrounds

The stone’s heat resistance and aesthetic qualities make it suitable for fireplace surrounds, adding a touch of luxury to living spaces.

  • Bar Tops

In commercial settings or home entertainment areas, Fantasy Brown can be used for bar tops, combining durability with an eye-catching appearance.

  • Tub Surrounds

Its resistance to moisture makes Fantasy Brown a practical option for tub surrounds, elevating the visual appeal of bathrooms.

  • Interior Accents

The stone can be employed for various interior design accents, such as tabletops, shelving, and custom furniture pieces.

It’s important to note that Fantasy Brown’s versatility allows for creative and diverse applications, contributing to its popularity in the world of natural stone.

Fantasy Brown Countertop

Price of Fantasy Brown Granite

It is also referred to as Sawar marble, this stone offers a versatile range of finishes, including Polished, Honed, and Leathered, making it suitable for applications such as book-matched flooring and wall cladding.

For those in the wholesale and importing business, Sawar marble is available in Slab, with import costs ranging from $3 to $5 per square foot when sourced from India.

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Frequanlty Asked Question (FAQs) About Fantasy Brown Granite

  1. Where does Fantasy Brown Granite come from?

    Fantasy Brown Granite is a natural stone quarried in Paloda, located in the Banswara district of Rajasthan, India.

  2. What are the applications of Fantasy Brown Granite?

    Fantasy Brown Granite is commonly used for countertops, vanity tops, flooring, wall cladding, and other interior and exterior architectural elements. Its durability, unique aesthetics, and resistance to heat and scratching make it suitable for various residential and commercial projects.

  3. Is Fantasy Brown Granite suitable for kitchens?

    Yes, Fantasy Brown Granite is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops due to its durability and resistance to heat, scratching, and staining. However, like all natural stone surfaces, it should be sealed periodically to maintain its appearance and protect against stains.

  4. Where can I purchase Fantasy Brown Granite?

    Fantasy Brown Granite is available through various stone distributors, fabricators, and home improvement stores worldwide. It is essential to work with reputable suppliers who offer high-quality stone and provide professional fabrication and installation services.

  5. What is the price of Fantasy Brown Granite?

    For standard 3 cm thick slabs, which are extensively utilised for interior applications and kitchen countertops, the initial cost of Fantasy Brown granite generally ranges from $3 to $4 per square foot (Sq. Ft.). Additionally, it is offered in 2 CM. 

  6. How do I care for Fantasy Brown Granite?

    To maintain the beauty of Fantasy Brown Granite, it is recommended to clean it regularly with a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that can damage the surface. Additionally, sealing the granite periodically helps protect against staining and etching.